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Right now this causes issues for me with Heroku and we need to make sure to update the asset version if we make any changes to our Angular JS templates without changing the Javascript. As for the other example it's obviously a bit more contrived and less important perhaps. Let's take a look: Other than having this problem, correctly diagnosing it and finding this issue is a nightmare.

I was able to reproduce this with a clean rails app you can find the source here: https://github.com/schneems/sprockets_precompile_problem directions are in the readme. It could perhaps be solved if you could declare template variables using a special directive like this: And it could execute the code in "uses" to determine if it needs to re-compile the file and provide the variable to the template. During debugging it is really easy to touch, and save the problem file which makes the problem seem to "vanish".

If not a helpful error is raised: ``` Asset depends on 'bootstrap.js' to generate properly but has not declared the dependency Please add: `//= depend_on_asset "bootstrap.js"` to '/Users/schneems/Documents/projects/codetriage/app/assets/javascripts/erb' ``` Implementation is quite simple and limited to `helper.rb`, additional code is all around tests.

ATP If a dependency is used in an ERB asset that references another asset, it will not be updated when the reference asset is updated.

(My battalion will not let me use the DD214 as they state it isn't legal and in order for my awards to be updated on ERB I need all my award orders when everything is in my IPERMs and I didn't get award orders for campaign medals.

All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan Originally posted by aznsniper305: So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??

But if I leave it and just put my flight packet in I will look very odd when it comes to the DA photo as well as wearing my ASU's when I dont even have the basic army award just AAM's and ARCOM's If you have your orders for Korea and Afghanistan, you can get the OSR numeral added for those tours and the Korea Defense Service Medal if you served for over 30 days. I do have an old ERB from active duty and I have tried using it. We know that you will have this problem if you are referencing assets from within other assets and not declaring them as dependencies.This PR checks if you've declared a given file as a dependency before including it via `asset_path`.So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??If so if there a regulation or memo stating that it is possible??

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