Updating latge recordsets takes long time in ms access database relationship advice dating a widower

For example, if the user was doing a large SQL Append query, it is likely the database will be corrupt.

If the file is stored on an Windows NT based file server, consider disabling 'opportunistic locking' (oplocks) on the file server.

Since its release, the Jet engine has had 4 major release versions, however each of these have had numerous service packs and updates.Opportunistic locking improves file i/o performance but increases the risk of database corruption in a multi-user environment.Although Microsoft will probably never admit that Access or Jet are actually responsible for some forms of corruption due to bugs in their software - evidence over time suggests that this is this case.Unfortunately Jet databases are particularly sensitive to application crashes.This is because Jet works at a file-system based level and thus if your application crashes, Jet also ends any writing in progress immediately without finishing (unlike a client-server based model such as SQL Server).

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