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I tried it manually from the website nokia gave me and it said it wasnt compatible with my device. Although it has been out for a while, I just recently had the opportunity to update to the latest OS 2008 (4.2008.23-14) which is based on maemo 4.1 codenamed Diablo.Maemo 4.1 introduces a new feature called Seamless Software Update (SSU) which drastically changes how operating system updates will be performed in the future.Previously when a new update was released, the N810 needed to re-flashed with the updated OS version.If you haven't already upgraded to this version, take a look at this page by Nokia.Actually, there's no way to upgrade windows phone 7.x to 8 or 10, because windows phone 7 is based on Windows CE, and 8 or 10 is based on windows NT. It only changes start menu of your phone as it of windows phone 8.By having this new update capability on the mobile devices, Nokia intends to release smaller, more focused updates on a more regular basis.For example instead of waiting for major updates to several components in order to have a full OS release, it will be possible to Nokia to push a new browser update independently from other updates.

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This is in contrast to previously where tablet users had to navigate through Nokia’s site to find OS updates.If you look at how newer PC motherboard manufacturers do their bios upgrades, they have either a separate rom or portion of rom that is untouchable (which holds the basic boot and flash modules) so that in the event of a bad flash, the user can still reflash. I have I have the old 2006 os version, and i cant update it with nokia updater. It couldnt connect to the internet when i was on it, it said i didnt have the right time on my computer and i did, and on another computer it said i tried too many times so it kicked me off. I'm on it right now so after i post this im going to post my serial #. UPDATE Windows Phone 8.1 is now available to the public via an OTA update as part of the Preview for Developers program.You can only do this update from an 8.0 device, this is a great WPCentral article highlighting the new OS and how to get it Win10 Mobile UPDATE - (March-2015) Now that a new version is available, there may be questions of "Can I go from WP7 to WP10", unfortunately this will not be supported for Windows Phone 7.x devices. You can now get a preview of Windows 10 Mobile (the next version of Windows Phone).

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