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The review of posted security flaws and patches should always be used for the computer operating system, BIOS, and applications.The manufacturer website should be used and there may also be other appropriate sites posting relevant bulletins.Server updates shall be done by a qualified and authorized system administrator.Updates for servers shall be checked no less than monthly to determine whether any new updates to any computer system components are required.For new and existing employees, the policies and procedures are often online which makes it easier to keep them updated and current.Review the current policy or procedure for changes.A qualified and authorized system administrator shall review available updates weekly.Normally updates shall be applied in the test environment two to three days before being applied to the main organization.

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System update server will save a great deal of time and expense since all systems may be updated from one server at the same time.

All workstations shall be Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

Workstation updates may be done using any provided tools depending on the type of workstations and their operating systems.

In this policy workstation updates shall be performed using Microsoft system update server.

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