Updating windows 98 to windows xp

Future versions of USP4 are expected to contain further security enhancements, including registry updates to fix potential vulnerabilities.

While we caution inexperienced readers planning to download and install unofficial service packs, we feel that this particular product may be safer than not updating Windows XP at all. Roll Back XP can create full copies of your system and undo changes whenever you want.

Once there, choose Update & security, followed by Windows Update on the left.

See How to Change Windows Update Settings for more on this and how to change how updates are downloaded and installed.Installation sometimes happens automatically or may need to be done by you via the Install updates button, depending on what version of Windows you're using and how you have Windows Update configured.In Windows XP and previous versions of Windows, Windows Update is available as a service hosted on Microsoft's Windows Update website.If it’s running Windows 98 or Windows Me, don’t bother trying: Vista requires a powerful PC with cutting-edge parts.Windows Vista usually runs well on computers purchased within the past three or four years.

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