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The program makes use of an XML parser to tokenize and retrieve the data/objects in the XML documents.

An is the software that sits between the application and the XML documents to shield the application developer from the intricacies of the XML syntax.

DOM is a platform- and language-independent interface for processing XML documents. The DOM parser loads the XML document, builds an object model in the memory, in the form of a tree comprised of nodes.

The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing and manipulating the object model built. The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing the tree; and adding, modifying and deleting the elements and nodes.

The HTML's original objective of letting the document author to focus on the contents of the document and leave the actual appearance of the document to the browser, has gone out of control.

Many HTML documents have more markup tags than the contents.

It is a formal description of the structure of an XML document, i.e., which elements are allowed, which elements must be present, which elements are optional, the sequence and relationship of the elements.

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Different style sheets can be applied to the same XML document for display on different platform or devices (desktop browser, PDA, mobile phone).

The SAX API defines a number of callback methods, which will be called when events occur during parsing.

The SAX parser reads an XML document and generate events as it finds elements, attributes, or data in the document.

It describes the objects (such as elements, attributes, entities) and the relationship of the objects.

It specifies a set of constraints and establishes the trees that are acceptable in an XML document.

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