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at one point had a second hotel in Yorkton, the Roya L To augment the railway service, he also ran a livery stable, which started, he claims, with rental of quarters for his own horse, an unsaleable creature, according to Harry’s description, “too fast to be an ordinary driver and too slow' to win a race. The Bronfmans missed out on the boom in Saskatoon when Harry backed o S from a proposal, put forward by Abe, to purchase the Western Hotel.

But in- 1910 the- family purchased the Maxiaggi in Port.

(It i$ not clear from newspaper reports of the day whether Mariaggi was playing the harp or the violin.) Later the two street musicians moved west with ra ihvay-buildiny: axm find Marlaggi* noted as a chef, opened a restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan, near Edmon- ton. ran a restaurant on Main Street, and in 1902 converted a new building on Mc Dermot Averrae into a hotel.

f When Frank Mariaggi, a Corsican, first arrived in Winnipeg in 1879, he was fined two dollars for being drunk and making music with another troubadour on Main Street. More disturbing was Charles Bronfman’s claim that in these proofs he had found some errors of fact, most of them minor but a few of a more substantial nature. As this volume was going to press, Jack Mc Clelland, my publisher, received word from Charles Bronfman that he had somehow obtained a set of its early galleys from, as he put it, “an unnamed source.” On behalf of the whole family, Charles expressed considerable dis- may with the book in general and the portrait it drew of his father in particular. Now mostly in their nodding eighties and lodged in old people’s homes on the outskirts of small Prairie towns, but still remember- mg vividly how they used to “run the booze for the Bronfmans,” these valiant survivors shared their mem- ories with me. For- tunately, I managed to track down several of the surviv- ing associates during the Bronfman brothers’ adventures in the Saskatchewan liquor trade.

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