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Job one when Southerners are dating: Get out of Mama's reach, earshot, and peripheral vision. What they did with it, we can't say.] "I think this qualifies as a date—with my husband.

Choose a specific job at a specific company or organization.Draft your own CV, as though you were applying for that job or internship.Check the Internet to find a good format and imitate it closely.That's the question we lobbed at our Facebook Brain Trust. I was unaware that we would be climbing onto an old railroad bridge and jumping waaaaay down into the river." "I've been fishing on a date." "We went to the side of Highway 1 in Louisiana to catch mudbugs for a crawfish boil." "I've been jug fishing on a date." "I went duck hunting for the first AND last time with my high school boyfriend and his buddies.(Maybe we should call them the FBBT so they sound all official? I had to wear a pair of his little brother's waders, which had a hole in them. We had these pick-up sessions at all the gatherings at my grandmothere's house when I was growing up, too.

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