Vietnamese dating westerner

When all the papers are finished, it will be behind a desk to find out if your husband or wife can stay.You are granted citizenship after several years of life together.

Consenting adults is the name of the game in my view, and so long as no third party is harmed I personally have no problem with any of it.

You’ll no doubt be astounded to read that, at one time, regular Southeast Asian ladies would routinely dismiss us westerners as a bunch of sex-tourists, and shun our romantic overtures.

Times have changed and that is no longer the case, but the biggest hurdle to long-term success still remains, and by that I’m referring to the culture gap.

I write this as a UK citizen but, from what I read online and hear from my friends in the USA, it only gets worse on the other side of the pond…But enough about the west; this site is about the opportunities for a new life, or a new adventure, with Southeast Asian girls, tropical weather, the world’s best nightlife, tasty food, and a low cost of living.

The countries that I’m focusing on are the six most significant in terms of the number of western tourists and expats, there are other countries in the region that I’ve not covered, but I needed to draw a line somewhere and I didn’t want to offer any views about places I know little about.

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