Virgin dating non virgin

You knew his history going into this; you can't suddenly decide it's a problem now.

The older you get, the fewer virgins you will find to date.

There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer.

That wouldn't work, anyway, because the problem isn't your virginity. Most of us have partners who got it on with people before we came along; how do you think we deal with it? How do we deal with any thoughts that makes us feel bad? Obviously it wasn't a big deal then, since you continued to go out with him.Why is it a problem now that he's your boyfriend? I can see how you might not have thought much about his sexual past until you started developing deeper feelings for the guy, but that doesn't make your issue with him any less unreasonable.Also, the thought of knowing that she hasn't been with any guys makes her much more desirable, at least in my mind.” Even though some guys might be surprised to discover that you’re still holding on to your V-card, most of them think it is very respectable.“She must be waiting for the right person,” says Garret, a senior at the University of Michigan.

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