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for this one); 3 Poor House articles about the death of Josephus Beach ; Christian Church (kind of a history)-- I began the Family Recipe pages several years ago by request of one of my list serve gals.I said something about a recipe and she said, "Do you mind sharing! If you have any family-oriented ones, PLEASE send 'em to me so I can add them.Volume 19, Number 14 End of the Line Given enough time, transformation is all but inevitable for even the most stubborn, change-averse individuals.

My hubby is constantly helping me as well - thanks, Jim Z :) . Asssistants are: Jim Cox and yours truly, Karen Zach To subscribe to the Montgomery County Gen Web listserve put the word 'subscribe'in the subject line of the link provided below and 'subscribe' in the body.

- note: when Suzie worked in reference, she did awesome and often blog spots but not as many anymore :( so very much to Julia Keys Lewis for this awesome pic of her relative, Aura E. He was only a policeman in Crawfordsville for a very short time but luckily, there was a picture.

Shows the uniform and his "protection," the billy club.

Don't ya' wonder why Uncle Bob Washed his face with an old corn cob? DIGGING UP BONES MYSTERIES (a new page began by Kim Hancock and myself to try to get others involved helping to find tombstones of people buried in our county, or specific places of burial or dates or who they are (say, from footstones with only initials) - that type of thing) - ENJOYBrown Township Power Point note - if you possibly use this for anything, that's fine but GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THE WORK :) Thanks for this not only consideration but MUST when you use someone else's work.

***Submission notification*** - effective November 21, 2012 -- Anyone submitting an obituary, picture, letter, biography ...

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    The list we provide is not exhaustive; if you cannot find the information you are looking for listed here, it does not mean there are no other resources available to find If you continue to have trouble finding resources or hotlines, you can send a message to the the Sexperts and we can direct you to helpful resources or people to talk to.

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