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It wasn't profitable, and it wasn't practical," she said.

It may not be such a money hole for credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, said CCBill's Fisher.

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At least, American Express will no longer cover credit card transactions from porn sites."We've examined the digital adult content industry for a year and determined that there was an unacceptably high incidence of disputes about transactions," said American Express spokeswoman Joanne Fisher.

As a result, American Express decided early this month to terminate all of its adult website merchant accounts.

While online merchants themselves have to foot the bill for phony charges, American Express has to pay administrators to process the disputes. Fraud accounts for some disputes; many porn sites bill by using business names that are different from the website name; and many porn surfers deny they've made the charges when confronted by a spouse – something pornographers refer to as the "gak factor." (Husbands run up a credit card bill at a smut site, then go "gak" when their wives see the monthly statement).

All those disputes adds up to big money hole, Amex's Fisher said."We were incurring all the administrative costs of processing the disputes.

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The Amtrak Empire Builder, Crescent, and Silver Service trains and especially the Auto Train are among the long distance trains that do well ridership wise.

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In fact, no online smut site will take American Express." OK, maybe Suzee's Smut Shop doesn't exist, and Visa advertisements for online porn don't, either.

But the last part is true: In a few weeks, no online porn site will take American Express.

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