What women wish men knew about dating

Make an effort to say something sweet and honest.6.We have a ‘liedar’We can sense a lie most of the time, unless we’re too preoccupied with something else. If you suspect that she won’t be willing to share this, give her some time, then look for an opportunity again. The magic word for us is not “please”For us, ladies, that would be “Sorry”, not “Please”.Don’t be so fast to assume that the connection is not there or it’s not going to work.

Since you’ve heard about women’s intuition, in case you’re thinking we can spot a fake compliment, then you’re absolutely right.

You don’t know each other’s bodies or desires yet, and the best you can hope for is to have a decent time and leave wanting more.

If it goes badly the first time, this doesn’t mean it always will.

We sometimes forget important dates One of the most frequently given pieces of romantic advice to men is that they should never ever forget their partner’s birthday or an anniversary, or whatever.

You can relax, gentlemen, we also sometimes forget these important dates, so we apologise in advance for when that happens.5.

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