White parents against interracial dating

He was only half-black and looking at him, this was incredibly obvious, unless perhaps you had told your daughter her entire life that she was forbidden to date a black person.

When I brought this particular man home, my parents loved him because he is a kind, funny, hard working person - just like them.

I wasn't financially dependent on his parents, he did not live with them and I did not "need" them.

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I can't even say for sure that anyone really felt this, but I see how my friends and relatives try to explain my husband to people before they meet him, and they are teasing and joking that he is not that guy.

Sometimes out of fear, often out of respect and even more often waiting to see if they absolutely had to, which is what Seung did.

I'm not sure if me fighting with my mom and dad from 18 to 25 was harder won than Seung fighting with his parents over just me at his age.

Farr, who lives in Los Angeles, talks here about the road to acceptance within her husband's family, how her parents changed their attitudes about race and love, and the road that lies ahead for their three children.

M-A: When your husband told you that his parents would likely not accept you, how did you make peace with that?

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