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I tell her she probably gets ID’d a lot, and it turns out that, yes, she does. “I thought I should get some wine – there was this super moon,” she says. At 19, after playing in lesser-known punk bands around Washington state, she and a friend, Corin Tucker, launched Sleater-Kinney, an all-female trio named after the street on which they used to practise.

“The girl at the liquor store wanted ID and I was like, ‘This is flattering, but do you actually need me to go back to my car? Their setup was simple (two guitars, two voices, one drummer), but their sound was new, their lyrics sharp and political.

But in 2006 they abruptly disbanded, disappearing for nearly nine years. Meanwhile, Brownstein found a whole new audience, as the co-creator and co-star of sketch comedy show Portlandia, alongside Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen.

The cult series, available in the UK on Netflix, skewers hipster culture in skits such as Put A Bird On It, in which Brownstein and Armisen (who play dozens of characters) are creatives in a craft shop adding bird motifs to every piece of merchandise, and Is This Chicken Local?

Her father was, she says, “a partial person” until he sat her down and told her he was gay: “He was laconic, more engaged with us in terms of activities than emotionally.” A few years prior to this, Spin magazine ran an article outing Brownstein’s relationship with her bandmate Tucker (they had since broken up).

Brownstein says her father’s “awkwardly nonchalant” response to the piece did not, in hindsight, foreshadow his own coming out so much as his subscription to International Male: “A men’s underwear catalogue,” she writes, “that is essentially a showcase for big European cocks.” “It was surprising, not shocking,” she says to me, “and I think it just validated a glimmer of intuition I’d had a long time.

Brownstein is brilliantly deadpan, whether playing a neurotic dog lover or a feminist bookshop owner.“My sister’s great,” she says, “she’s very bright, she’s very private.I think my sister loves being an observer more than I do.Did her public outing feel like an invasion of privacy? Though when I think about it from today’s perspective, I’m actually so grateful that I was not subjected to a chorus of opinions on social media. Better that it happened in 96.” In her writing, Brownstein tends to keep her personal journeys private.She describes her mother’s illness, for instance – the visits to the hospital, her homecoming, and then abandonment – but doesn’t really revisit their relationship.

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