Who is arun nayar dating

The list of guests included Damian, Hurley's son with businessman Steve Bing.

As per reports, both Damian and Nayar are very close and the two often go on vacations together.

In the divorce filing, she cites Arun’s “unreasonable behavior”. It was so “unreasonable” for Arun to think Liz would NOT screw around?

It was “unreasonable” that Arun’s family treated Liz like some British tart (which, obviously, they were right about)?

However, Nayar has already been spotted dating model Kim Johnson, 25, in recent weeks.

The Austin Powers star insisted this week on Twitter she would not be marrying Warne.

Anyway, Liz has now officially filed for divorce, and she’s making Arun sound like the bad guy.She’s dumb to get involved with such a notorious, cheesy, man-slut (with highlights). And she’s dumb to try to play the divorce like Arun did something wrong – she was the one outed, having an affair. The Estee Lauder spokesperson and the cricket star have since been seen together repeatedly.Nayar, an Indian textile heir, is reportedly dating model Kim Johnson.

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