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He currently has 300,000 followers and has blocked 19,000, some of them for death threats.Dorsey countered that one of Twitter's five main priorities include the safety of the platform, but he added, Dorsey and Mckesson, apparently, talk with some frequency about Twitter features. “If you buy it in bulk, it saves you a little bit of money,” he explained. When we got to the Muni stop, Dorsey, who is thirty-six, pointed it out with the excitement of a six-year-old.Dorsey loves cities and the way movement within them can be charted and broken down into millions of parts.Critics argue that he is using his huge following to bully his opponents and promote untruths, and that as a result he should be shut down like any other account would.Mr Dorsey said that in fact having Mr Trump's tweets out in the open help keep people informed and that without them the public would know a lot less about their leaders.Donald Trump's tweets are good for the world and he should be allowed to keep sending them, according to Twitter.The company's CEO, Jack Dorsey, has responded to repeated calls for his social network to remove the President's account.

And I believe it's really important to have these conversations out in the open, rather than have them behind closed doors. And I just don't think that's good for anyone.” Mr Dorsey made a similar suggestion in December, before Mr Trump became president, when he suggested more vaguely that it was useful to see Donald Trump's thoughts in real time.A city is a system that is at once flexible and stable, searchable and random.He expressed a similar interest in ant communities and aspen trees. I think humans have the same thing, though it’s not as much on the surface.” He likes to draw ferns.Mc Kesson, however, said six second videos weren't enough. We were really happy when they bought it." Through his connection with Dorsey, Mckesson became one of the product's first 20 beta testers.Ferguson propelled Mckesson into the spotlight and also created a friendship between him and Dorsey that endures to this day.

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