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ET), and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles, pictured) will be dealing with the growing sexual tension that had us rewinding the March 16 episode.

Charles recently phoned Pop Watch for a spoiler-free chat about Mr. Florrick, former Georgetown classmates who now work together at a Chicago law firm. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Someone told me you actually got whistled at on the street after the Will and Alicia kiss aired. JOSH CHARLES: The other day, yeah, I was walkin’ on the street, and these three ladies were walking behind me, and they whistled at me.

[] I feel like they write in a way that lends us, when we play the scenes, to bring a lot of subtextual interaction to it. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, and the dialogue that was there had a lot of double meanings.

Like in the scene when Will and Alicia discussed why he removed her from that case. [] When you get into matters of the heart, sometimes things aren’t spoken and a look can say a tremendous amount.

And it gave everything a real heightened quality for me. I talked to her very honestly about how I was feeling, and, as a friend, she really understood my point of view and respected that decision.

There was some sadness in the conversation because we knew this [was] coming to an end.

The ice definitely thawed a little bit between them, and you see that maybe they could be moving towards a new direction, a softening of this anger that’s been circling around their relationship.

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And that [doesn’t mean] there’s something wrong with this experience. There was that nice scene outside the courtroom before he was shot…

TVLINE | Was it hard saying goodbye to the cast and crew? The beauty of television is the sense that, unlike any other medium, you develop relationships of such depth and length, more so than films or even theater. There are a lot of people on that show that I’m going to miss a great deal.

You see these crewmembers that work so hard and give so much and help contribute and collaborate to make the show what it is. TVLINE | What was it like shooting the hospital scene with Christine Baranski and Archie Panjabi?

The characters are working hard both personally and professionally, so it makes things complex.

There’s a sense of “I love these two people together, and there’s so many reasons why right now they shouldn’t be together as she works out her relationship with her husband, and she has two kids, and Will’s her boss.” And yet there is this sort of pull and connection between them that has some sort of tragic components to it.

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