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Founder David Goss told The Hollywood Reporter that "business is great" and there's been a spike in memberships since the presidential election.

"After he won, we've consistently had people sign up every single day," Goss, a Republican who voted for Trump, said.

When he couldn’t get the case thrown out on that basis, he pleaded guilty and claimed to take responsibility for his actions. He is eminently likable in person: courteous, avuncular, chatty, quick to laugh, and willing to lay himself open to ridicule.

The act might have earned him points with the judge, who had the discretion to ignore the sentencing guidelines (from 10 to 16 months of incarceration), but D’Souza seemed to squander the judge’s goodwill by publicly and repeatedly announcing that he was a victim of political persecution. He’s also a doting father to an intelligent, polite 20-year-old daughter, who utterly reveres him.

"We never expected him to win — at least I didn't." "I'm so glad we have something out there to help people find each other.

For some people, going on dates and finding out that they supported Trump was a deal killer.

Seeing a career in government as a slog, in 1989 he accepted a job offer from the American Enterprise Institute, the pre-eminent conservative think tank.

He could easily have spent the next couple of years churning out dry policy pieces. But in 1991, his was a smash hit: an exhaustively researched takedown of the political correctness that was sweeping college campuses and that he believed was undermining academic standards and chilling freedom of thought.

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(He was her campaign manager in her successful bid to unseat three-term incumbent Slade Gorton in 2000).

insiders" are correct -- and really, who would ever question the validity of anonymous sources dishing to a gossip columnist -- then it wouldn't be the first time Cantwell's been linked to a married man.

Some mention of past girlfriends or a closet where skeletons are buried.

Citizens United and Americans for Prosperity Foundation held the inaugural “Freedom Summit” at the Executive Court Banquet Facility in Manchester, N.

Will Labor Secretary's Email Scandal Sink His DNC Bid?

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