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[More at Source] 12 pm-1 pm A Conversation with Actor/Photographer Scott Caan and Debra Weiss Multi-talented artist Scott Caan developed a passion for photography in 2003 while directing his first film “Dallas 362”.

Inspired and mentored by cinematographer Phil Parmet, Scott Caan has grown into a photographer to be noticed.

Never mind that Caan himself received the news from girlfriend Kacy Byxbee some time in late 2013, and was blessed with baby Josie James last July. Caan presented the play to the Falcon’s Kathleen Marshall La Gambina (Garry Marshall’s daughter), who showed it to Broadway director Matt August (Dr.

"She's expecting very soon." Caan, 37, told Chelsea Handler in 2013 that he had been dating Byxbee for "a couple years." "She should get the purple heart because I'm a complete disaster," he said.

Later he continued his successful acting journey with appearing in the movies like ‘Ocean’s Twelve’, ‘Into the Blue’, ‘Friends with Money’, ‘Lonely Hearts’, ‘The Dog Problem’, ‘Brooklyn Rules’, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, ‘Meet Dave’ and ‘3 Geezers’.

He has also written and directed the movie ‘The Dog Problem’.

I didn’t know if I wanted to be a writer, director, grip or an actor; I just knew I was in the right company, a group of people who didn’t want to go to school yet collectively make something awesome.

I was always taught as a kid: if you want to do something be the best at it, don’t just show up.

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