Who is taylor swift dating august 2016

"If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year," she wrote vaguely.

Swift's star-studded "Bad Blood" video, which eventually won Video of the Year at the ceremony a month later, featured a collection of cameos from her famous friends (supermodels, actresses, and fellow singers).

Because of this ongoing legal battle, she reportedly told the judge that she can't be impartial. Taylor Swift surprised a group of excited Tennesseans when she reported for jury duty in Nashville on Monday, August 29, the morning after the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“My mom just casually has jury duty with Taylor SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Neither woman has ever explicitly confirmed the feud, and each has instead dropped not-so-subtle hints about their deteriorated friendship, bringing famous names into the fold – and creating two rumored diss songs out of it.

And I tried to talk to her about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me." The way Perry sees it, at this point the ball is in Swift's court.

"Honestly, like, she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it," she told Corden.

Though they briefly made up years later, the two found themselves at odds once again earlier this summer after “My wife is a G,” West said during a bizarre oration at Sunday’s awards show. We all in the same boat, now we all in the same bed. Well, if we think about last week, and it was 22 people murdered in Chicago …

Taylor Swift has been facing tabloid speculation, a few intense celeb feuds and a whole lot of drama about her current and past relationships, however she does have at least one ex who seems to have had an enjoyable time with the singer.

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