Who is virginia madsen dating

She made her name as an Eighties film babe (Dune, Class, Fire with Fire) and then disappeared.Her Hollywood comeback in 2004's Sideways was cemented when she won an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress, and a slew of job offers, none entailing interaction with vermin.She again got married to a man but also with him she didn't stayed for a long time and got separated.She also has a child from her boyfriend with whom she stayed with for a long time.Virginia Madsen Virginia Madsen has found love with an actor 20 years her junior.The Sideways star, who celebrated her 50th birthday on Sunday (11Sep11), has been dating Nick Holmes "for a while", but she insists she is taking the romance in her stride.She tells People.com, "I'm not counting (how long we've been dating) on purpose. TV comedy Parks and Recreation, is equally full of praise for Madsen: "She's an exquisite talent and a timeless beauty.I just want to concentrate on right now." Madsen reveals their relationship initially started out as friends, but she quickly fell in love with the 30 year old, who she claims is "an extraordinary poet". And an extraordinary amount of fun." Madsen was previously married to Danny Huston and has a 17-year-old son, Jack, with ex-boyfriend, actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.

"That was the lowest of many low points," says Madsen, laughing.

That was really the moment that felt like the culmination of everything that I'd worked for. But I have to say it's still kind of fun to transform yourself physically for a role." She says the lull in her career was in part self-created. And then I became known only for that, for being the TV babe. So I had to say no to my bread and butter and that's when I really went broke." She borrowed money to pay the mortgage, from friends and her actor brother Michael.

The realisation just flooded in that I'd made it to where I wanted to go." Madsen is now so booked she says she doesn't even have time for a boyfriend. "Most of my friends are writers and actors so they were all broke but some of them loaned me dribs and drabs, enough to get by for a few months. There was a beautiful Tom Selleck Western, which paid me really well and that saved me for another year and a half." And then Madsen became her own personal trainer.

While Carrey is obsessed with the phenomenon, Madsen is more circumspect.

"I am one of those people who knows about the yeti and UFOs.

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