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Yet after taunting him and verbally sparring with him the days before, Eva must run. Pre-Rev, College aged Sookie seeks out part-time employment to assist in Gran's declining health care. Right now he never wanted to hit anyone as badly as he wanted to hit Jack right now, but he would try to contain himself. What if it didn't end the way we think it did, what if Daniel tries to keep his promise to fix Reese. Eric/Sookie fluff in the vein of the early SVM books: a lot of romance, comedy, action. I try to stick to canon for the first 9 books as much as possible. Rated MEric is a homeless man, who Sookie sees on her daily walks to Merlotte's. Eric has a dream but to fulfill that dream, he needs money.Who will she meet and what trouble will she get into when she goes on an Interview for a Gal Friday job? After a Mistletoe Incident, Ichabod decides he's done ignoring the elephant in the room and confronts Abbie head on. Smut, humor, smut, character arcs, and some smut Daniel slid his glasses off. I was twenty nine years old when the seaplane Sookie Stackhouse and I were traveling on crash landed in the beautiful lagoon of an unoccupied Island. Think of this as an alternate ending from Book 8 on. A journey for Sookie to return home after ten years struggling to make herself into a successful professional. Eric/Sookie/Bill/Pam In this story, after reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books, Sookie decides to take matters into her own hands and comes up with a few ideas of spicing up her and Eric's sex life. This story is set before Sookie meets Eric for the first time. But he isn't just any homeless man; He's a homeless fairy. But when nightmares begin to haunt her sleep, and vampires begin stalking her nights, she wonders if her ability is more of a curse than a gift. Money women are prepared to pay in exchange for certain privileges. Sookie and her girl friends compile a list of her celebrity fantasies.luckily Illya has a safe house but isn't to keen on sharing this secret with his colleagues. Sookie chooses employment over slavery, and Eric welcomes all of the trouble it brings his way when he offers to protect our favorite telepath from becoming Sophie-Ann's pet. Plenty of roller coasters, proofread, beta approved, and lemons galore if you have a tinge of patience in you! Lots of awkward Illya, cute Gaby, and cocky Napoleon. However, good intentions are sometimes not good enough. AU/AH Funny, sometimes heavy, but often joyful and sweet. After the events of "Paradise Lost," Abbie encounters the fallen angel Orion in her living room. Takes place after the episode and AU from that point forward. Eric/Sookie, AU/Zombies I love the SVM books and the show but I thought I would take a turn at changing them up a bit. A burlesque class, a re-opened landmark, and a few new faces in town take Sookie in a direction she never planned on. What happens when she met an extremely tall, blonde haired, blue eyed fine specimen of a man? But his biggest mistake is introducing Sookie to his best friend Eric. But I wanted to change some things up and write about someone else other than Eric. AU- What if Adele married Fintan Brigant instead of Earl Stackhouse? A secret supernatural world that young student Sookie is yet to still encounter. What happens when sparks begin to fly between student and teacher? Take my poll on your happiness with the last book in the Series DEA. In this story, Sookie is a good girl preacher's daughter, who falls in love with the classic bad boy, Eric Northman. AH/OOCSet in the 1800's, Sookie Stackhouse is married to Bill Compton, the lord of the manor and violent drunk, who spends his nights in the local watering hole. He has gorgeous blonde hair that was a similar shade to mine;he also has amazing blue eyes that caught mine. A vampire that loved her, a vampire world that finally accepted her place in it, and a beautiful new daughter.If something were to go wrong he would be putting someone very close to his heart in danger. If Victoria went to check on Napoleon in his room after the break in at the satellite factory, wouldn't it make sense that she would send her goons to also check in on Illya and Gaby? Two Part AU."He hasn't stopped looking at her that way. Several months after Istanbul, the trio's current mission has come to a stand-still. Napoleon isn't sure he'll survive this game, but the promise of success is delicious enough to risk it. Abbie/Orion As of 2017-11-06 ON HIATUS Wherein Eric and Sookie face many foes with the help of many friends some new some old. will have E/S HEA, lots of ESN, but also light BDSM, light D/s, Minor Characters' Deaths, mentions of cutting (not graphic), off-screen rape, non-con, torture. Eric senses Sookie's return and is driven mad by the need to see her. Maybe it was time to stop trying so hard and let loose. I love Eric and Sookie together but I think their lives could have been different. Who also just happens to be successful buisness man? I love Alcide also, and there isn't very many stories with him. When Sookie parents died Adele, Fintan and Niall discovered Sookie's ability to read minds so they ask the Ancient Pythoness to train Sookie. Charlene says that those of us that are unhappy are just a few angry teenagers, who did not read the story right. Watch what happens as Sookie rebels against her parents, as she tries to build a life for her and Eric. What happens when Sookie falls for one of the stable boys, Eric Northman. Eric's latest dayman wasn't up to snuff, so he put out a call for a new one. Now Sookie and Bill are divorced & she is a single mother with a troublesome ex. Possibly some action/drama/increased fae power in later chapters.How does a new couple deal with a pregnancy they didn't plan for? Summer has just begun and he is initiated into what is fondly called by the locals, the "Redneck Yacht Club." But Eric gets a much bigger eye full then just some interesting characters and tricked out boats. Rated M for adult content Eric Northman is your typical player, who gets a wake up call one night when he finds out he's a father.A certain blond haired beauty might make this move the best decision Eric has ever. Despite how much Sookie Stackhouse has vowed to stay away from him, she can't resist lending a helping hand when he's in desperate need of it.

I would like to be a writer someday because is my biggest dream.Would Sookie be able to convince Godric to stay one more day? The same night he meets equally heartbroken woman at the bar and that's where the trouble and funny situations begin… Eva Manning, an expert in Norse culture, is called in by SHIELD to question a certain Norse god. This was originally written as a One Shot but has progressed to much more.Three days later, and the undefeated god proclaims himself King of Midgard. He promised her a game - and a game she shall have... Sookie has become vampire to be with Eric, however, their lives together begin riddled with problems.Chapter 29: Sookie's necklace and earrings also Eric's watch. First, there's the suave Napoleon Solo, who seems oddly sincere beneath all his charm.(Eric's watch) (Sookie's necklace) (Sookie's earrings)Chapter 33: Sookie's dress at New Year's Even party. Then there's Illya, glaring and glowering as he studies in a too small chair.

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