Word for dating while married

Must admit, someone seperated would not have been in my consideration before, but as I found out, you really can't judge til you know all the reasons. If I were single i would want to be absolutely sure they were not still together and I would want them to have been separated for a while and know what the relationship with the ex is like.

he not only broke my heart but my kids hearts aswell, they've lost 2 father figures in their little short lives and its not fair on them if I do it all over again or fair on me...don't see the point in being with anyone if they're just going to make you false promises and end up ripping out your heart and soul when they make you fall for them, even knowing how hurt you've been before.My relative certainly didn't and handed in her notice...The word "separated" seems to mean different things to different people and perhaps it would be wise to find out exactly what the situation is before getting involved.My brother in- law worked with someone who was separated for two months and had two kids.We went on a blind date and have been together 9 years, married 6 and have a darling 2 year old!

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