Worst dating videos ever made

She pulled her credit card out and paid the check and said, 'Looks like he isn't getting a second date! The Fake Regular"I bartend in Brooklyn at what's considered a pretty 'hipster' spot.

This guy shows up trying so, so hard to fit in, but he looks like he just walked into Buffalo Exchange and threw on a bunch of random things.

"I went over to check on his date, and as I got closer I saw that she was crying."Online dating has made the bar scene a pretty awkward place—especially for your bartender, who has to witness your cringe-worthy first date, firsthand.9.

The Overdrawn Date"One night this guy came in and sat at the bar, ordered a beer and we got to chatting.

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She's a snappy and revealing writer with a true gift for comedy.

(I did not think to NOT buy certain things, in other words!

) I've accidently sold triple digit axes to farm visitors (twice!

The girl gets there and you can tell she barely recognizes him.

I come over to take their order and the guy says, 'I love this bar, I'm here all the time, right, Jessica?

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