Wtf dating

Expecting to always get ‘the knock back ‘ every time I sent the copy and paste, I was amazed to find that actually…. Given that men are definitely that shallow, I had pre-judged the other half of the population.

It wouldn’t be right to give any details away, but I can honestly say that all of my online date experiences have been lovely ( in other words that the girls/ladies have been lovely ).

I can’t stand the f****** thing, so how is anyone else, particularly an attractive female, going to find it at all likeable?

I won’t be blogging about my dating, but suffice to say that I already have some very funny stories that I could tell…

I figured that it was best to pre write a few paragraphs about my history, and then copy and paste it into a message, before any actual date took place.

I mean you can’t just turn up in a wheelchair and pretend it’s not there, can you?

Online dating can be great (particularly as we age and become more open-minded, but it can also seriously suck sometimes. ) started understanding the psychology behind ghosting and did our best to erase benching from our memories, along came breadcrumbing, the latest mean-spirited trend in the world of e-dating. Well, according to Urban Dictionary (the ultimate go-to source for 21st century matters of the heart), it’s “the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal text messages (i.e.

‘breadcrumbs’) to members of the opposite sex in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort.” DMs, Instagram likes and emoji also count as breadcrumbs.

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