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The Arabs insisted the greatest threat to them was not Communism, but Zionism.

The Israelis never considered the Soviets their principal threat either, but were prepared to say otherwise to win Reagan's favor.

By the early 1970s, it became clear that no Arab state could or would contribute to Western defense in the Middle East.

That sale established the United States as Israel's principal arms supplier. Johnson's decision was based on Israel's perceived needs (and domestic political considerations) rather than its potential contribution to U. This perception began to change in 1970 when the United States asked Israel for help in bolstering King Hussein's regime.

In 1987, Congress designated Israel as a major non-NATO ally, which allowed Israeli industries to compete equally with NATO countries and other close U. allies for contracts to produce a significant number of defense items.

Israel also began to receive billion in grant economic and military assistance. had prepositioned equipment in Israel, regularly held joint training exercises, began co-development of the Arrow Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile and was engaged in a host of other cooperative military endeavors.

In 2016, the United States announced an investment of 0 million in Israel anti-tunneling technology and Israel pledged to invest a comparable amount.

The system is designed to detect digging and other minor activity dozens of meters underground.

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