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Sometimes it is portrayed as being near enough to a beach for the gang to drive there; other times there seems to be no beach, as in a story where the gang are complaining they have nowhere to go on a hot day.

Often the gang will be seen on seemingly impromptu and convenient ski holidays.

One story has Betty, Archie and Jughead trying to escape a tornado, which would suggest Riverdale is in the Midwest -- Betty at one point says, "We shouldn't laugh about tornados in this part of the country." It seems to be surrounded by farm land and woods, as well, but one story shows Archie and his father buying lobsters from a old fisherman who says to a critical Mr.

Andrews that he should "either buy lobsters or do like I do on Sunday -- 'jes keep yer trap shut." Despite seeming to be an idyllic small town, occasional stories have taken part in a rough, seemingly crime-ridden part of town.

In the 1950s and '60s, cartoonist Dan De Carlo ceased work on Atlas Comics' Millie the Model, and brought his influential style to the Archie Comics universe. Some series such as Life With Archie and Archie at Riverdale High featured straight adventure and/or mystery stories.

This would suggest it is on the west coast, perhaps in California (as in the TV film).

Yet other times it seems to be a small town in the middle of America.

De Carlo is primarily responsible for the modern look of the Archie characters, and the creation of popular Archie spin-off characters Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats. The Archie characters have been continually successful in other mediums since the comic's inception.

The enduring Archie legacy has spanned dozens of Archie titles, including spin-offs, digest collections, and magazines focused on particular characters. The Archie Andrews radio program debuted May 31, 1943 and ran on various networks until September 5, 1953.

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