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Ask God to protect their heart from attacks and temptation (Matt 6).Just knowing that Selena covers me in prayer for my purity of heart (lust, financial idols, stress) gives me great confidence that she’s in my corner, fighting for me. God has given us these incredible organs called “brains”. Everyone makes decisions every day; pray that your spouse makes wise decisions big and small.After the Vatican’s recent “discipline” of pedophile priests, I decided to do a quick Google search for some local cases involving Protestant pastors – those that might have actually been reported and made local news.This is not an opportunistic attempt to slander Christian pastors by stringing together random cases compiled over the decades – these are all stories that hit the This is just a small list of some of the crimes (that were actually reported to authorities AND the media) in the MONTH OF MAY ALONE.My parting (terrifying) thought: These are just the cases where the victim had the courage and family support to come forward publicly to accuse their attackers – even in their positions of power and authority within the church and community. Tell that to a nine year-old victim of rape, sodomy, and incest…Police and prosecutors know that most of these crimes go unreported – especially within the church. If I were still a praying man, I would be praying that the poor victims of these monsters are able to get the best counseling available OUTSIDE the typical “Christian Counseling” found within the church.

This tendency to forget is probably because we haven’t had the deep revelation of what prayer is and why we do it. Ok, so we’re hopefully on the same page about prayer. As I’ve stated before, I’m not exactly a black-belt in praying.

Is it really that difficult to imagine how many of these crimes are never reported to begin with out of not wanting to harm reputations, the church, or the community?

It’s one thing to accuse the mysterious lonely man in the funny black robes that disappears behind the curtain at the end of mass.

The man whose wife leads the women’s group and works at the local bank. The man who is seen as a respected community leader with perceived authority over their flocks.

To a nine, twelve, or sixteen year old – these men ARE God.

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