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Samples were dated at the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility at WHOI.The result was the first radiocarbon age estimates for adult white sharks.Concerts: August 19 and 20, 2017 at the Church of the Messiah, 22 Church Street, Woods Hole, MA.Adult white sharks, also known as great whites, may live far longer than previously thought, according to a new study that used radiocarbon dating to determine age estimates for white sharks in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.

Theme for 2017 still to be determined; under the direction of Heather Kirkconnell.Previous studies of white sharks from the Pacific and Indian Oceans suggested that none of the examined specimens were older than 23 years.Also, none of these earlier studies were able to document annual periodicity of the band pairs used to assign age.Natanson and colleagues suggest that either white sharks are living significantly longer and growing slower in the Northwest Atlantic than either the Pacific or Indian Oceans, or longevity has been underestimated in previous studies.Knowledge is limited about the age and growth rates of white sharks, apex predators that live in coastal and offshore waters throughout the world.

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