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Your boyfriend does not have an ongoing bet with Jonah Hill that will result in him potentially kissing Jonah Hill's penis.

In fact, you're confident Jonah Hill doesn't know him and wouldn't let him anywhere near his penis.6.

He asks Viola to cover for him while he’s in London, but she sees a much better opportunity.

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You see, there's a dorky girl named Eunice (Emily Perkins) — isn't there a dorky girl named Eunice, Hortense, or something of the sort?

Enter Duke Orsino (Channing Tatum), Sebastian’s — well, Viola’s — roommate at Illyria.

I’m going to be completely honest and say that it definitely doesn’t hurt that he’s shirtless when we first meet him, or that he’s also shirtless for roughly 75% of the movie. It also gives us shirtless Toby (Brandon Jay Mc Laren) and Andrew (Clifton Murray).

— who is of course considered a social pariah until Viola-as-Sebastian helps Duke, Toby, and Andrew see that she's actually a nice, thoughtful person. The stupidity-of-high-school condemnation is a classic moment that only the most self-aware teen comedies contain. Its production budget was million, and it made only half of that back on opening weekend. Still, many critics found the movie charming, including Roger Ebert.

Viola-as-Sebastian brings Eunice on a double date with Duke and Olivia, and when Toby sees this, he admits that he's actually had a crush on Eunice for a long time. that mature teenage boy who’s capable of accepting that he fell for Viola, the person, even in the guise of her twin brother.

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