Android exchange contacts not updating

However, I would not recommend pushing a GAL of more than about 15,000.It bothers some users and you don’t need to force this down someones throat. If your Active Directory hierarchy has partitioned users into Organizational Units, that may present some opportunities for partitioning the GAL.This could be the ideal Are there procedures in place to apply frequent staff contact changes to AD?

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However, if you are searching for solutions on Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook, you might find useful information.

One solution is to specify a subfolder such as What if the user already has some GAL contacts? A user may have gotten personal contact details from a coworker that isn’t in the GAL.

You may not want to delete their GAL contacts but the i Phone address book may show this as a duplicate contact.

Correct it in AD and everyone gets the right number.

Is there information you don't want to publish in the GAL but wanted on Smart Phones? Will HR object to pushing home information to Smart Phones?

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