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It's being used on military bases to control who has access to restricted areas.In Iraq and Afghanistan, it was used to check images of detainees in the field against Al-Qaeda wanted lists.At the counter-terrorism center, police and private security personnel monitor more than 4,000 surveillance cameras and license plate readers mounted around the Financial District and surrounding parts of Lower Manhattan.

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Face-prints are collected into databases, and a computer program compares a new image or piece of footage with the database for matches.And that's just the beginning of what face recognition technology might mean for us in the digital era.Over the past decade, face recognition has become a fast-growing commercial industry, moving from its governmental origins—programs like Optic Nerve—into everyday life.With funding from a coalition of face recognition businesses, SIBA launched in February 2014 to "educate folks about the reality of biometrics, bridging the gap between Washington and the industry," says Kephart, who previously worked as a counsel to the 9/11 Commission."The Department of Homeland Security hasn't done anything on this for 16 years.

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