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When Peter said he felt attacked, I had to dive under the couch cushions because no, white man, do not accuse a black woman of attacking you. I wanted her to pull a Jason Mesnick so bad I can taste it.

But it was terrifying when she went into full lawyer mode and sort of … To me, that much immediate defensiveness about how good her life is signals a “not over you,” or at least a “not over this disappointment.” Did you notice their faces as Harrison teased to ? I hope they start texting secretly and get together.

Or because the producers wanted to throw us off the Bryan scent and did too good of a job of making her seem into Peter and devastated about their breakup? Even Harrison’s toss to the engagement post–commercial break felt tired. To your point Jada, Bryan always seemed like the front-runner, but to me he always felt smarmy and disingenuous, like he was playing a part.

We didn’t get to luxuriate in her getting ready or looking amazing in an evening gown. (Here’s a video of him selling some sort of medical scheme, which feels not so dissimilar to him … Okay, I’m being harsh, but he’s good at selling.) I was really quite taken with how realistic and logical Peter was.

Jada Yuan: How did you guys read Rachel and Peter’s interactions in those chances.

My theory is that in Geneva, she started suspecting he was dialing it in to make it far enough to be the Bachelor, and she’s pissed.

He is so sure about this that in the live season finale Monday night, he proposed to her So then why did that ending feel so anticlimactic? I didn’t think I was ever going to recover from Peter ripping off his grey sweater in a fit of emotion and using it to wipe away his beautiful, plentiful tears. The proposal was given like an eighth of the screen time her breakup with Peter got.

What is so, to use a word that was used about 38 times last night, frustrating, is that Rachel was robbed of a triumphant love story.

The show was also asking her to sit down with the guy who rejected her after we find out he tried to contact her outside of the show. He was willing to fight for her off-camera but was half-steppin’ on air.

I have a cousin who reminds me of Rachel and her husband reminds me of Peter so they make a lot of sense together because of that association, but Peter wasn’t as good of a guy as we all hoped. I think the bigger sign that Rachel and Bryan aren’t living the fairy tale is how low energy that reproposal was. For all their passion and chemistry, they were awfully flat at the live finale.

It didn’t make her laugh and didn’t seem to touch her tremendously. Hell, my mom ran into Kaitlyn and Shawn at an airport a few months ago and they were still all over each other and attentive. In the end, she came off as more passionate and emotional about her breakup with Peter than her proposal with Bryan.

I’ve written before about how important it was for me to see a black woman in a romantic context.

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