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Determined to keep the team in Chattanooga, Engel stood on downtown street corners asking passersby, "Wanna buy a ball club?" 1,532 Chattanoogans said yes, purchasing shares for each.Opening Day featured the rededication of "Historic" Engel Stadium after a million dollar renovation.The entry way was completely refurbished, a two-story front office building was built on the 1st baseline, and a restaurant was built in the concourse."Save the Lookouts Night" was held on the final day of the season in front of only 355 fans.

In April shortly after his arrival Paige recorded nine strikeouts over six innings against the Atlanta Black Crackers. you were searching for where all of the Knoxville Nudies are hangin' out & what we're up to, congratulations, you found us! ETSMN is a non-landed and loosely-organized seasonal internet community of 21 years of age regional naturism and nudism (N&N) enthusiasts wishing to socialize with like-minded folks, as opportunities might arise, and to aid in promoting our sunshine-oriented lifestyle within the Greater East Tennessee Smoky Mountain region. ETSMN does frequently network & collaborate with Chattanooga's SETN and Nashville's MTN regarding mutually beneficial centrally located communal gatherings, we remain steadfastly focused upon event activities & gatherings within an easy drive of KNOXVILLE;, we are also welcoming folks residing in southeastern Kentucky, southwestern Virginia, and western North Carolina that might not yet have access to similar social resources. a "non-landed" group, we must travel to adjacent "landed" N&N venues, associate private residences or secure suitable rental facilities within the immediate region for our skinny dipping and seamless tanning gatherings.Engel Foundation signs an agreement to lease the stadium from UTC and an agreement with Legendary Films to use Engel as the location for making "42," a film about Jackie Robinson.Engel will become Ebbets Field, which was once home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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