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“There is no better key to Arthur’s personality,” says a woman who was a close friend of Miller’s wife, than “his refusal to acknowledge that people who knew and who loved Marilyn, would be offended.Like all of us, he had powerful powers of denial.”Monroe and Miller had divorced in 1961.Intelligent and seemingly fearless, Morath had been forced to work in an airplane factory in Berlin during the Second World War, for refusing to join the Nazi Party.After one bombing raid, she ran through the streets of the shattered city holding a bouquet of lilacs over her head.

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He did not mention him once in the scores of speeches and press interviews he gave over the years.

She met Miller in 1960, on the set of the film Miller had written the screenplay for Monroe, whose erratic behavior almost kept the film from being made.

Morath’s photographs of Monroe, fragile and well into her struggle with alcohol and barbiturates, would be among the most emotionally intimate pictures taken of the doomed star.

No photograph of him has ever been published, but those who know Daniel Miller say that he resembles his father.

Some say it’s the nose, others the mischievous glimmer in the eyes when he smiles, but the most telling feature, the one that clearly identifies him as Arthur Miller’s son, is his high forehead and identically receding hairline.

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