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You may also need to press Fn-F2 in order to activate it (the Wi Fi LED needs to be on).

– Install NTFS-3g if you’re keeping Windows and want to access your files from Linux: "yum install ntfs-3g" (then read the manual – "man ntfs-3g") – ACPI has on the odd occasion thrown a strange error when on battery, and caused the power manager to shut the machine down believing that the battery is about to go when it isn’t.

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Any other suggestions to recover from this problem? Hello, My name is Mike, I’m a Technical Analyst at Dell corporate headquarters in Round Rock, TX.

Linux distribution to be installed: Fedora Core 7 (

(Update August 2010: still working happily with Fedora 12 – and some of the steps below are now not so complex; for one thing, Fedora 12 has inbuilt wifi drivers that work out of the box with this machine’s chip).

This wasn't terrible for using the system, but when it came to video playback, VLC, GOM Player, nearly everything, would freeze up and be unable to play at full screen.

It turned out that the solution was super simple, despite me spending hours that day trolling internet message board threads. INF files and try to deal with them not being signed and all that.

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