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People with disabilities were routinely denied rights that most members of our society take for granted, including the right to vote, to obtain a driver's license or a hunting or fishing license, to enter the courts, and to hold public office.

Many American states had laws prohibiting marriage by, and permitting or requiring involuntary sterilization of, persons with various mental or physical conditions, particularly intellectual disability, mental health conditions, and epilepsy. cities had what became known as “ugly laws” that banned from streets and public places people whose physical condition or appearance rendered them unpleasant for other people to see.

After some delay, met with protests and civil disobedience actions by disability groups, the federal government issued regulations for implementing Section 504.

The little girl was known to Derbyshire social services from birth and had been in care for a brief period from mid-2013, before she was returned to her mother's custody.

(2) Understanding the full magnitude of the impact of the disability rights movement, and ultimately that of the ADA, requires an appreciation of the atrocious status of people with disabilities in our society previously.

In 1971 a New York judge described people with disabilities as “the most discriminated [against] minority in our nation.” Discriminatory treatment of people with disabilities was manifold and pervasive.

A number of states restricted or denied the right of people with mental disabilities to enter into contracts. In some instances, discrimination threatened the very lives of individuals with disabilities, in that lifesaving medical treatments that would routinely have been made available to other patients were denied to patients with disabilities; in 1974, the New York Times cited an estimate that unnecessary deaths of babies with disabilities in the U. resulting from withholding of medical treatment numbered in the thousands each year.

Large numbers of children with disabilities were systematically excluded from American public schools.

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