Emma stone dating andrew

So we're dying to know: Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield getting back together?

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up for good in 2015, but there have been a lot of rumors going around since that they might be reconsidering their breakup.

Just before the end of August, the media outlets were reporting the high chance of the two actors dating again.

LONDON: They split after a four-year romance, but have always maintained an amicable relationship and now, it is being revealed that love could be in the air once again for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are bona fide great actors of their generation.

Both received critical acclaim for their performances last year: Emma, only 28, won the Oscar for Best Actress for her work in Emma Stone may have an amazing chemistry with Ryan Gosling, but he is indeed taken.

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