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As Scott Mc Cartney of the noted regarding the shift to weekends: “Airline executives come into work Monday looking to raise fares, not discount them with sales to fill seats.” Earlier this week, for instance, the country’s largest domestic carriers hiked airfares, a move that would seem to be not only unnecessary but downright greedy considering that fuel prices are plummeting.Given strong demand for air travel and American travelers’ apparent willingness to pay increasingly high prices for flights, airline executives are no longer worried about filling planes with passengers.breathes the tide of time and collects clues that announce the future.The result of his reflections, the Inspirations Book is the essential guide to stay up to date.

The vast majority of business travel, meanwhile, is booked on weekdays, and business travelers are less sensitive to pricing because the flights are deemed more essential.

In other words, the best bet is to book 50 to 100 days beforehand: Tickets purchased during that period were cheaper than the overall average for all domestic flight prices (5.55).

2) Weekends are cheaper booking days than weekdays.

They’ve moved on to worrying about surpassing their (already record high) profits, and they’re raising fares at every opportunity, for the same reason they’ve relentlessly been adding fees: Because they can.

In any event, the fact that airfares are rising would seem to give travelers even more reason to take notice of studies by the likes of ARC and adopt new booking routines, right? The problem with all of these studies is that they’re generalized and are based on averages from the past.

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