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Similarly, it’s inadvisable for an introverted person to try to force themselves to act like an extrovert, especially in the dating scene.

It’s incongruent with who they are; they’re quite literally pretending to be someone they’re not in hopes of better results.

Whatever they’ve got going for them worked for them… And after all, whatever you’ve been doing hasn’t exactly been working out for you so far..

Trying to be someone who is diametrically opposed to who you are inside is a recipe for frustration and failure.

Your negative attitude will seep into you do; it will affect your attitude, your self-image, even your posture… There’s a reason why “just be yourself” is one of the most annoyingly useless advice cliches out there.

After all, it’s likely that “being yourself” hasn’t exactly gotten you to where you want to be. When we look at people who have something we want—whether it be material success, a skill or talent or even just a hot girlfriend—it’s only natural to try to be more like them.

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In short: your own desires are sabotaging your efforts to slake them.

I was sabotaging myself in a number of ways that I didn’t even realize…

The longer this goes on, the more you’re becoming convinced more than ever that this whole dating/sex/talking to other people thing is something that do and you’d be better off weighing the pros and cons of a monastic life of quiet desperation and a poetic death via alcoholism interspersed with self-pitying and slightly arch animated gif parades on Tumblr or women being bitches or any number of other things I told myself to explain my failures away.

By being outcome independent—taking the focus off of finding sex—you are better able to relate to a potential partner as an had it right: you get laid more by not trying.

There will always be those who will say that they want to improve…

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