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Before we get to the four main combats during the day (The Breakthrough, Battle of Ft.

All other commands were to be held in readiness to support any breakthroughs made in the main assaults.

It may be the place the person entered military service, typically a nearby large city.

If you don't find the name where you expect, please also look under nearby cities or see the index pages by last name.

Hill was killed trying to reach his troops in the confusion.

Mahone, Battle of Fort Gregg, and Battle of Sutherland’s Station), let’s take a step back and look at what happened on April 1, 1865, the day before.

Lee [CS] Forces Engaged: Armies Estimated Casualties: 7,750 total (US 3,500; CS 4,250) Description: With Confederate defeat at Five Forks on April 1, Grant and Meade ordered a general assault against the Petersburg lines by II, IX, VI and XXIV Corps on April 2. Grant had achieved one of the major military objectives of the war: the capture of Petersburg, which led to the fall of Richmond, the Capitol of the Confederacy.

After dark, Lee ordered the evacuation of Petersburg and Richmond.

At that battle, Phil Sheridan’s Cavalry and Gouverneur K.

As a result, Meade received a dispatch from Grant at pm on the night of April 1 instructing an immediate artillery bombardment and probing by skirmishers with an attack to follow soon after (OR XLVI, P3, p.

397): “Captain Hudson has just returned from Sheridan. He has Steuart’s and two other brigade wagon trains, &c., and is pushing now.

Sheridan, and with him the Fifth Corps, were expected to move to cut off any Confederate retreat on the roads leading west from Petersburg south of the Appomattox River.

This left two corps in the center, the Ninth under Parke and the Sixth under Wright, who indicated any chance of success.

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