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Fans chose to give the berth to George instead of Koli, who had a tendency to come off as a bit cocky.Away from center stage, after the confetti rained down on Ventrella and the cameras and reporters swirled for a quote from the new winner, Palu rocked back and forth, tears in his eyes.Now: Post-' Loser,' Benson admitted to starving himself during the show and relying on unhealthy "cleanses" to lose more weight in the lead-up to the finale.As of 2009, Benson put on all of the weight he had lost (and supposedly gained 30 pounds right after the show ended, merely by re-hydrating himself).But after the confetti dropped, she kicked them off and went barefoot as she posed for photos and talked to the media.For 14 seasons, ' The Biggest Loser' has inspired millions of people to begin a journey of weight loss, healthy living and hope.

Then: Actor Ryan Benson lost 122 pounds from his 330-pound frame, becoming the first ' Biggest Loser' and the recipient of a quarter of a million dollars.But I would have to give the award for perfectly toned biceps to Lil Momma (Sherry).Our hometown kid, Stephanie, also looked wonderful.He lost 264 pounds, or 50.19% of his body weight, to claim the 0,000 prize.“I’m in shock, I can't believe it,” said Ventrella.

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