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God bless you all as you keep Thinking Like A Black Belt. i honor you as a warrior queen, a protector, a a fellow protector i feel your heartbeat and the heartbeat of your husband. know that there are many who read and change, but may not comment.I gleaned this list from her article Police Body Language and Behavior: You Gotta Walk the Walk, originally printed in “Next time you see a group of cops walking together, take a good, hard look at them.Ignore their uniforms and really look at the person inside.They may be of different sizes, shapes, or colors, but there’s that indefinable something, above and beyond the uniforms, that makes them resemble each other.It’s hard to put a finger on, but you can’t miss it.” What is the essence of this kind of body language?A dog’s space should always be respected and never invaded — otherwise a bite may ensue.Our instinct is to face a dog head-on when greeting, to make eye contact and to reach out to give a friendly pat in order to establish a connection with the dog.

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It’s also how our body responds when interacting with others.Our body language is the first thing people see when they meet us.In this post, let’s look at the intimidating or authority body language as demonstrated by street cops. She is a former police officer-turned fiction writer.While humans welcome this type of greeting, a dog can find it intimidating and frightening.When greeting a dog, it is important to let him make the first move.

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    Since most leaders are used to being in control, it is easy for them to live a life obsessed with objectives and accomplishments as a gauge to value their worth.