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Condoms remain the most effective way to prevent most other STIs.

When you first meet a new partner, it’s usually impossible to know whether the other person has an STI or not (there may be no symptoms).

If you and your partner want to stop using condoms, it is important to discuss the level of safety you are both comfortable with before you stop using condoms.

You may need to explain or discuss what an undetectable viral load means with HIV-negative partners.

HIV antibody and HIV antigen (p24) testing is used to screen for and diagnose HIV infections.

These circumstances are that: If this is the case for you and your partner, being on HIV treatment may be an effective way of preventing HIV transmission.

Giving the antiretroviral drug zidovudine intravenously during labor and delivery and also to the newborn twice a day by mouth for 6 weeks reduces the rate of transmission from 25-33% to about 1-2%.

A combination of antiretroviral therapies is most effective at reducing the risk of HIV transmission to the baby.

An undetectable viral load means that your blood has a level of HIV below the level which can be measured by viral load tests.

This does not mean that you have been cured of HIV, but that the combination of drugs you are taking has reduced HIV's ability to reproduce so much that it can only be detected in very low levels in your blood.

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