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And with such exclusivity, of course, comes a fair amount of controversy.

Augusta National is something of a rare bird these days, a leftover from a bygone era: an old-school, invitation-only good ol’ boys club once overseen by a gentleman known as “Hootie.” It’s a country club steeped in discrimination, decorum, discretion and, of course, dough of the mostly old variety.

That said, for many golf lovers it’s simply unimaginable that the Masters could be hosted anywhere but the former indigo plantation turned nursery turned lush, 18-hole golf course.

Although Augusta National is thrust into the spotlight during the first week of April for the Masters, the iconic Alister Mackenzie-designed course is active year-round (save those sweltering Georgia summers) and is home to one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in the country, boasting only around 300 members that, as of 2002, included Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

And the fact that the course is located on land once used as a nursery and is closed for play from May through October doesn’t hurt.

So, as it turns out, the Augusta, with its famed dogwoods and azaleas, is a natural beauty and little if no environmentally harmful cosmetic enhancements are needed.

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) and stuck in some kind of bizarro time warp much like the entire tournament itself.

It’s the kind of establishment that would get (fictional) Southerner Julia Sugarbaker fired up.

Augusta National did not invite its first African-American member, Ron Townsend, until 1990, although Lee Elder became the first black golfer to play the course during the Masters in 1975.

Up until 1983, all caddies at the Masters were black and employed by Augusta National; golfers were not allowed to bring their own bag jockeys to the tournament.

Clifford Roberts himself even is quoted as saying: “As long as I’m alive, golfers will be white and caddies will be black.” In 1977, 20 years before Tiger Woods won his first of four Masters Tournaments, Roberts, age 83, committed suicide by gunshot to the head at Augusta National.

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