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While in the desert the RMT had mud tires (with deep herringbone grooves); re–equipping for sent confidently on any task, a tribute to the corporals for studying, nursing, and developing their men.But by mid-May (with reports of the Italian Army moving restlessly on and behind the Libyan border), the company had received at long last 98 three–ton Bedford lorries, 16 30–cwt. Each vehicle bore the divisional sign, a white fernleaf on a square black background, on the front left mudguard, and the company's colours, green and red, and its number, 39 (later changed to 48). Then, on 18 June, with the riflemen of 18 and 19 Battalions packed aboard, the three-tonners left for the Desert on the RMT trail which would lead some 500 times round the world before the war ended five years later.

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Shouldering black-stencilled kitbags and sea kits, the Trentham RMT men boarded the transport were nearing the million mark.

Once rifles were issued, drivers settled into the routine of rifle drill, copious instructions on the Lewis gun (never used), preliminary infantry training, route marches, map–reading, and lectures about the organisation of the Division and how the Army Service Corps fitted into the picture. Nobody seemed to know exactly what this RMT outfit was.

Besides, no RMT had been with in the First World War—and was it really necessary?

To look after its trucks was a sort of mobile repair shop called Workshops Section.

This Workshops Section and Company Headquarters, with its clerk, typist, despatch rider, sergeantmajor, and so on, the small administrative staff of the company, began to take shape in heading the others.

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