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She is dreadlocked with a green ribbon of fabric weaved into her hair and around 20 piercings on her nose and lips, he back combs his hair and wears make up.In the past when they have walked the street locals have taken out cameras to take pictures of the ‘moshers’.They are all teenagers and they’ve spent the night drinking lager, cider and peach schnapps.The boys strike up a conversation with the couple, Sophie even hands out cigarettes to them. Suddenly, everything changes and the air fills with menace.before that, which is still technically about an evil preacher. But when Gwen gets a flat tire and receives help from Ed Baker (Drew Waters), she throws her logic out the window and goes on a date. Even when Ed shows up wearing a black polo shirt tucked into khakis (shudder), she's positively smitten.

"My sense is that these days young people won’t say anything offensive about race or disability or homophobia but they will say what the hell they like about alternative subcultures," she says.

She established the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity whose aims are inspired by the letters that make up her daughter’s name: Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere. "I would love my life to be as it was before," Sylvia says, "but what do you do?

A huge photograph of a smiling Sophie hangs on the wall of the offices of the foundation which operates out of a small building opposite a fish and chip shop on the high street of Rossendale. You either sit back and say poor me or you get out there and do the best you can so that other people are aware of what is going on.

‘Let’s bang him,’ says one of the boys looking at Rob. Sophie pleads with his attackers to leave him alone, she tries to protect him from the punches and kicks raining down. The gang then turn on her and attack her so brutally that the pattern of their footwear is imprinted on her face. in white letters on the desks and paintings by Rob Maltby.

The couple both left unconscious the gang leave the park. On August 24 2007 Sophie Lancaster’s life support system is turned off. who still lives in nearby Bacap but who has become a virtual recluse since the attack.

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    But what about the columnist’s damning remark that “Vidal more or less admitted it himself, writing in his memoir (which I heartily recommend), he would know that the cherry-picked, out-of-context partial remark occurs in a chapter where Vidal is recounting the story of his one true love, Jimmie Trimble, a boy his age.