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“Some people think that's dangerous, I think it's a good thing – I would be really worried if we couldn't also find love online.

“If you're looking for love for three or four years, or you never had a relationship lasting longer than six months, then probably you're doing something – maybe not wrong, but maybe not right for you,” Hegmann says.

“In the end, everyone needs love and is looking for love,” is Hegmann's conclusion.

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“If you think, well, I have one day in the year when I have to be nice to my partner, then your relationship is already damaged,” Hegmann said.

“See it as a chance to spend the day with your spouse together and have a great time, a kind of holiday for your relationship. Don't expect your partner to be your whole world We're constantly assailed by images of supposedly perfect relationships – from celebrity couples frolicking on the beach in the tabloids, to soulmates bonding for life in books and movies.

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