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Basayev issued an ultimatum, threatening to kill the hostages unless his demands were met.

These included an end to the First Chechen War, and direct negotiations by Russia with the Chechen representatives.

60,000, often spelled Budennovsk), some 70 miles (110 km) north of the border with the de facto independent Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

The incident resulted in a ceasefire between Russia and Chechen rebels, and peace talks (which later failed) between Russia and the Chechens.

She’s now a fitness instructor and has built up a following of 22,200 on Instagram too, where she shares motivation and inspiration to help people live healthier lives, whether they suffer from an eating disorder or not.

That’s not to say Schulz doesn’t have her critics though - many argue that just because she’s overcome her eating disorder, that doesn’t make her qualified to give health advice to others.

Still, the debacle cost both Stepashin and interior minister Viktor Yerin their jobs; they resigned on 30 June 1995.

The government's handling of the Budyonnovsk was perceived as inept by many Russians.

The State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament passed a motion of no confidence by 241 to 72.

A teenager who suffered from anorexia and weighed just five stone in 2014 has recovered to become a fitness instructor.

18-year-old Vera Schulz from Stavropol Krai in south-west Russia had become seriously underweight without her family realising, and her health had deteriorated worryingly as a result.

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